Cleaning and Maintenance of Teak

Does my teak furniture require oiling?

There is a common belief that teak furniture needs a coating of ‘teak oil’. We recommend that you do not oil the furniture, as the 'Grade A' plantation heart wood teak we use contains high levels of oil within it naturally. It does protect itself well from the rain, sunlight, mould and mildew. This, along with high-quality teak being a tightly grained and very dense hard wood, makes it the informed choice for classic good looks and exceptional outdoor durability. Adding other oils makes the surface sticky, which then traps more dust and dirt and the longevity of teak furniture can be adversely affected. Just enjoy your new teak pieces as they are.

Will my teak furniture weather?

Yes, but it will still maintain its attractive appearance. Teak, like all wood, naturally weathers into a silver-ash colour which darkens slightly each year. This is the natural oil in the top layer of the wood oxidising. The inherent strength of the teak wood is not affected by this.

How to clean my teak garden furniture?

As quality teak specialists we recommend that very little cleaning is required of your furniture. Occasionally you may wish to remove any build-up of dirt. Do not use a high pressure/power hose as whilst it appears to quickly remove dirt, you are in effect removing the oil and natural protective top layer of the wood, which is the very protection that ensures teak’s longevity. Firstly, try to clean off any debris so that there is just surface dirt left. Teak garden furniture does not need harsh cleaning products, so by simply cleaning with soapy water and a sponge you can soon restore it back to its natural form. You will clean off the grime and the oxidised natural oils. Prepare a mild solution of warm water and detergent. A small amount of washing up liquid or similar will be fine. Use only a soft bristle scrubbing brush to wash your teak furniture. Never use steel wool or scouring pads and remember that hard bristles may scratch or damage your interior style furniture. Rinse your furniture with clean water using a bucket or garden hose (again, never use a pressure washer, which can damage the grain and also remove too much of the protection giving natural wood oils). Wipe off excess water with a cloth and then use a dry cloth to buff up to finish.

Do I need to cover my furniture?

No, there is no need to cover your Chic Teak furniture. Our teak furniture is designed to resist the worst of British weather including sun, rain and frost. Covering furniture can have advantages in keeping debris and bird deposits away from surfaces but the downside of covering teak furniture is that virtually all water resistant covers are not really breathable. When the weather begins to get warmer in the early spring, a micro climate is created under the cover. Mould can develop in warmer moist environments and can grow on the furniture (allthough naturally resistant). So in short it can be the best policy to leave your teak furniture uncovered.

Ongoing teak garden furniture maintenance

Ideally remove stains immediately after they occur, especially bird deposits which can either permanently stain or bleach your furniture. In relation to parasols, it is advisable to seasonally check and tighten bolts and screws which my loosen over time due to wind vibration. If you still have questions regarding the care and maintenance of teak garden furniture, contact us directly and we'll be happy to respond.