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Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large,  Each piece unique.

Our teak root sculptures are sourced from teak harvests, where the roots are cleaned, carefully selected, and turned into amazing pieces of art. These breath-taking, organic pieces make for the perfect statement piece in your garden, giving you a real piece of nature in your little patch of land. With an expansive range of sizes, you can perfectly match our teak art to the space you have available.

Teak is reliable, robust, and long-lasting, which are just some of the reasons why we use this wood in our furniture and teak art. All of our teak is responsibly sourced, and with minimal or no treating, we can provide or create stunning sculptures for private gardens, and public areas alike. Left untreated, teak’s warm, golden hues will fade to an elegant silver, you can be sure that your teak art is made to last.

Each piece is built to last, and with reliable, durable, and sustainable materials providing all the beauty you could need when it comes to your garden art, you can rest assured that these pieces will create all the awe you need.

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