Protecting your Teak furniture over the Winter

by The Chic Teak Team / 13.11.23
Protecting your Teak furniture over the Winter

You’re more than likely going to have some pieces of outdoor furniture in your garden that have been well-enjoyed over the summer and our recently mild Autumn.

If you have used the Autumn to clean down the furniture, you are now possibly wondering about protecting/storing or covering it. The Teak is able to withstand all seasons and winter is no exception. We recommend you allow the furniture to weather to a beautiful silvery patina in your garden.

For an end of season clean, we recommend you gently clean it with a good soft to firm brush and some warm soapy water then it really does not require much else from now until you it use again.

Your beautifully crafted furniture does not like to have rain pouring down on it forming pools as this will cause the teak to deteriorate, so we suggest keeping it away from where rainwater collects. 

If you prefer to store or cover your furniture, do ensure the furniture is clean and dry prior to covering. Covering is only recommended during the coldest months and you will need to periodically remove the cover to release any condensation that may get trapped.

Putting in place these simple measures to prepare your furniture for winter means you’ll have a head start when Spring comes back around!