Bespoke Teak Garden Furniture Design

Bespoke Garden Furniture

Our bespoke garden furniture is a perfect solution for a bespoke project, perhaps you have a need for a set of planters for a garden design or an extra large dining table for a commercial project. Whatever it is we can help.

Creative Designers

Our creative designers work collaboratively with you through each part of the process, in realising and developing your own ideas into a one-off bespoke piece of teak furniture. It is an exciting journey that takes time, but produces pieces of great originality.

The Process

The process begins with a consultation. Some clients come with drawings pictures and photographs, others with nothing. This is ideally on site, but we can always work collaboratively via email. Once we have established the essence of your design we will follow the principles of: discussing, discovering, designing and developing to bring your ideas to life. We will provide artistic illustrations as well as CAD technical drawings for your final approval.