Teak Care Guide

Caring for your Chic Teak furniture

Your Chic Teak furniture is manufactured using the finest quality grade A heartwood plantation teak. It is virtually maintenance free, due to a high content of natural oils and minerals, making it impervious to water, resistant to rot, insect infestation, fungal decay or mildew.

Looked after properly with a little care and attention, your Chic Teak furniture will stay in good condition and give many years of service.

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Colour and grain variation

Teak is a natural material and variations in colour, grain or other natural features can occur and is to be expected between timber taken from trees in the same plantation, or taken from different parts of the same tree.

Your newly delivered Chic Teak furniture may bear signs of surface oil. This is perfectly normal and any residue will evaporate within 7-10 days as your furniture adapts to its new environment.

It is important to understand that over time, all timber components used in your Chic Teak furniture will age consistently to an even silver-grey patina inherent to teak (see Weathering and Ageing).


There are many teak care products on the market, but these can be expensive and unnecessary. These are best avoided as many contain chemicals that could harm your furniture by removing too much of the natural oils and minerals.

Furthermore, once these treatments are applied, many of teak’s self-cleaning properties are removed, as they prevent the oils and minerals from coming to the surface and the timber becomes dependent on regular treatment instead.

Use of modern cleaning compounds, oils or preservatives will shorten the life of the teak and invalidate your Chic Teak 10-year guarantee.


We recommend before the start of each season or periodically, that you clean your Chic Teak furniture.

No special cleaning materials are required. Remove any build-up of dirt, with a gentle scrub with a bristle brush or wipe down with a clean cloth (avoid using steel wool, as scrubbing leaves deposits that will eventually rust). Use warm water and a mild detergent, alternatively a 10% household bleach to a 90% water solution. This is best done on a damp day.

Any sign of mould can be removed with a mild vinegar solution.

The furniture should be wiped down using a clean towel and allowed to dry naturally in sunlight.

Avoid using strong solutions, as this may discolour the furniture, removing too much of the wood’s natural oils, that give teak its own year-round protection.

Weathering and Ageing

Over time, teak matures or weathers to a silvery-grey patina or finish. This may vary according to geographical location, or direct exposure to the elements eg : the strength and duration exposed to direct sunlight, rain, snow or other adverse weather conditions.

This ageing process can be slowed down, by storing your furniture in a ventilated shelter eg : garage, outbuilding, garden shed, or under cover when not in use, but is not essential.

Avoid storing your Chic Teak furniture in damp or muddy conditions.

Checking / Cracking

The British climate is very variable and all our timber is correctly kiln dried and stabilised prior to machining and assembly, which prevents warping or shrinkage. However, checking, or cracks, will occasionally appear particularly on the end grain. These cracks (opening and closing of the grain) are often caused by dramatic changes in air humidity and temperatures especially in the summer. This is perfectly normal and should not affect the strength or have an adverse effect on the durability and life of the furniture.


We recommend all moving parts and fitting are checked on a regular basis, being lubricated and tightened where necessary before use. Please note that brass-ware may tarnish in open air.

Call our Care Team if you have any questions, 01256 398008

We hope you enjoy many years of service from your Chic Teak furniture.