5 Winter Flowering Plants to Keep Your Garden Bright

by The Chic Teak Team / 19.11.21
5 Winter Flowering Plants to Keep Your Garden Bright

During the cold and dark winter months, the greenery and colour that has lavished our gardens throughout the year disappears to make way for bare twigs and branches, and a bland, brown view to look out on.

If you like to enjoy your garden all year round, having some plants and colour to admire when everything else has died off and seems bleak can give it a well needed boost. By planting flowers that give out lovely blooms throughout these cold months, you’ll benefit from revived focal points in your garden to appreciate during this time of year. 

In this post we’ll give you five of our favourites to give you some ideas. 

Winter Honeysuckle

Traditional honeysuckle plants are very popular in gardens throughout the growing season. However, planting some of the winter honeysuckle variation in your garden will not only give you some lovely white flowers in winter, but also attract any winter bees - providing them with some much needed sustenance, and you with some delightful garden visitors.

Winter Rose

As we are all very familiar, roses give off a beautiful display of blooms all summer long, delighting our gardens with an array of bright reds, pinks, oranges among other colours. But as the summer draws to an end and the blooms disappear, all is not lost. The Winter Rose will give out beautiful blooms from white to burgundy between January and March, but sometimes even delighting with a display as early as Christmas too! 

winter rose

Winter Heather

You may have noticed that the blooms of many winter flowering plants tend to be white in colour. If you wish to bring some pops of colour to your outside space, then planting some Winter Heather may be a good option for you. These plants delight with bright reds and pinks from January - March, single handedly giving gardens a much needed boost of colour. 


Another colourful one, and a firm favourite in many planters and window boxes are pansies. 

Although they do flower in spring and summer too, if you choose to instead plant them from late summer to mid autumn, they’ll likely bloom through winter and the following spring - adding a vibrant splash of colour to any garden. 


Snow Drops

As we head towards the end of winter next year, bright white snow drops will begin to make an appearance, signalling the end of the long cold winter, and the beginning of a brighter spring ahead. If that’s not enough of a reason to dedicate an area of your garden to them, we don’t know what is.

snow drops


We hope that you’ve got some great ideas for keeping your garden enjoyable and bright over the winter. After all, the amount of time and effort we put into these outdoor spaces, it seems a shame to only enjoy them for a small part of the year.