Extend Your Outdoor Living for Longer with Teak Garden Furniture

by The Chic Teak Team / 16.05.24
Extend Your Outdoor Living for Longer with Teak Garden Furniture

After an Indian summer and those balmy temperatures, many of us start thinking about tidying up the garden for the Winter and packing away garden furniture.
At Chic Teak however, we’d like to share some tips on how to extend our outdoor living space well beyond the summer months. Not only is being outside surrounded by nature in Autumn and Winter said to have mental and physical health benefits, but it also means you can enjoy your garden for longer and socialise in your outdoor space. Chic Teak’s garden furniture requires minimal maintenance and can be left outside to be enjoyed all year round.

Our Windsor Furniture range

Our Windsor lounge furniture



If you don’t already have an outdoor covered area, think about creating an overhead hanging. A simple way to do this can be with a covered pergola or awning. Alternatively,  our cantilever parasols are large enough to provide table cover and also have the added benefit of optional LED lights or heater.

Cantilever Parasol

Our cantilever parasols



It’s worth investing in some really clever lighting that not only looks good, but also serves a functional and safety purpose. Whilst solar-powered fairy lights and pendant lights hung in bushes and trees are pretty, consider consulting an interior or garden design professional as they will know exactly how to highlight certain parts of your garden and what lighting scheme will work best.

Entertainment space

Have you ever considered your garden as an outdoor entertaining space? Why not install an outdoor TV or audio system? Think Sunday afternoon movie with blankets or watching a rugby international with friends whilst slow-cooking some pulled pork in your outdoor oven.


There are many ways to heat your outdoor space in the cooler months from firepits and chimeneas to patio heaters. At Chic Teak, we love firepits for the natural ambience and visual centrepiece they provide. Obviously any heat source needs to be located in an uncovered area of your garden.


Invest in a bird feeder or water bath. Autumn is one of the best seasons to watch birdlife

Soft furnishings

Add some small cosy touches to warm up the space visually like throws, blankets and outdoor candles.

Our Windsor lounge furniture