Notes from the Chic Teak Garden

by The Chic Teak Team / 12.04.23
Notes from the Chic Teak Garden

In the first of our ‘Notes from the Chic Teak garden’ blogs, Chic Teak founder Robert Bowden reflects back on the last few months in the Chic Teak garden. 



In December, the garden was adorned with beautiful catkins that surprised us with their early arrival. They were a sight to behold as they swayed gently in the crisp winter breeze. After three months, they are nearly all gone, leaving behind memories of a winter gone by.  



As we moved into January, the snowdrops made their slow but magnificent appearance. They were a long time coming before the beautiful flowers appeared, probably later here, because we are at 500 feet, and a naturally late garden. These delicate blooms are always a joy to behold and this year was no different. Now they have retreated, leaving behind a carpet of green leaves that will continue to nourish the bulbs for next year. It is of course a good time to split snowdrops, both to spread them around the garden and allow the clumps to grow healthily.


Daffodils, the quintessential symbol of spring, are very late this year, but are now nearly in full bloom, adding vibrant shades of yellow and white to the garden, as we have many varieties. Last year we established a new area of daffodils under the garden wall near the Chic Teak Office to add to the many that line the drive on the way in. The new area has a small collection from every variety we have on site



The Grape hyacinths are also in full bloom, their pretty blue hues adding an extra layer of beauty to the garden as they come through the cyclamen leaves that have been on display since September. However, some of the grape hyacinth leaves have been damaged by frost earlier in the year, reminding us of the unpredictable nature of the weather.


The hellebores are now in flower, adding a splash of colour to the garden. These plants will continue to provide ground cover all summer, a reminder of the beauty that the garden will continue to offer in the months to come. They thrive the Chic Teak Garden and have to be controlled as they are a very aggressive in growing habit.



As we look forward to the next few weeks, the garden is preparing for the arrival of Spring proper and the primroses, bluebells and tulips. These blooms will add even more colour and life to the garden together with many flowering shrubs, a welcome sight after a long winter.

The Chic Teak Garden is a testament to the beauty and resilience of nature and its cyclical nature. Even in the face of unpredictable weather, the garden continues to thrive and bring joy to all of those who visit us here at the tranquil home of Chic Teak.