Styling Your Outdoor Space

by The Chic Teak Team / 30.04.21
Styling Your Outdoor Space

At Chic Teak, we know your garden is an extension of your home, and therefore should reflect your personal style. Whether your garden is a vibrant, sociable space, or an oasis of calm we’re sharing our simple tips for making the most of your garden this season!


Whatever the size of your garden, zoning can be an effective way to break up the space according to your lifestyle, making the most of the space and ensuring the whole family can enjoy being outside. Choose the quietest spot for a peaceful reading nook, using planters or screens to give privacy. Consider where in the garden gets the best evening light and create an atmospheric dining area for entertaining, tall hedgerows add texture and absorb noise meaning you can enjoy eating al fresco without worrying about the neighbours!


The right lighting can transform your garden, serving both a practical purpose - allowing you to enjoy being outdoors long after the sun has set - whilst adding ambience.

Some outdoor lighting can be harsh and unnatural, choose warm yellows rather than bright whites for a cosy and warming atmosphere. Old jars and wine bottles make great candle holders, and fairy lights looped over a parasol or pergola give a magical feel!


A comfortable outdoor space has never been more important. Create an area where you can sit quietly and contemplate life or socialise with friends and family. Choose comfortable and stylish garden furniture and, if you can, place it near flowers, a water feature, or in view of a bird feeder. 

Our beautiful teak garden furniture is designed for style and comfort alike - browse our website or contact us and let our creative designers work collaboratively with you to create a unique piece for your haven.

Choose soft furnishings that reflect the colours of your garden - our parasols and cushions are available in a range of tasteful, neutral colours. 

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for styling your garden ahead of summer!

The Chic Teak Garden Furniture Team