The Best Furniture Pieces for Updating an Outdoor Commercial Space

by The Chic Teak Team / 20.08.21
The Best Furniture Pieces for Updating an Outdoor Commercial Space

Nearly every business will have an outdoor space of some kind. Spaces that need to be inviting to both customers and employees as they represent the business, yet relatively low maintenance to upkeep in order to keep costs and time attending to it down so that you can focus on the things that really matter to your business. 

Low maintenance landscaping, plants and features all help add to the general look and feel of the space, with paved areas and terraces providing an impactful area for outdoor respite. Window boxes and potted plants can add a pop of colour or some fresh greenery. But when it comes to practical yet stylish furniture for people to not only enjoy but add to the overall look and feel of the space, what are your options?

First things first, and not just because we love it and sell it, but items made from quality teak are the best option for commercial spaces as they are extremely low maintenance yet have a luxury edge. Maintaining their solid structure for years with minimal maintenance and being unbothered by ever-changing weather conditions means they require very little thought, the only major thought is deciding on which pieces! 


When your outdoor business space is relatively small and doesn’t need to double up as a seating area or lunchtime dining space and therefore furniture is not a requirement, alternative small pieces can compliment the space and make it seem warm and inviting. Items such as a small square or rectangular teak planter give a sturdy yet stylish home to flowers and shrubs. Opting for a pair of planters with matching plants can frame an entrance to the site, making it inviting and impressive to those visiting.


Bar Furniture

Another top pick for spaces on the smaller side is pieces that promote the vertical space rather than taking up large areas of ground space. If your outdoor area needs somewhere for people to stop and sit for a while, but space is compromised, bar furniture ticks all the boxes with its sleek and elegant design that makes the most of the space it’s in, while adding a touch of sophistication. Equally, if you are a pub or restaurant, adding some bar furniture outside can create an inviting indoor-outdoor feel that many people enjoy. 


Benches are a staple in both home and commercial spaces, but in the latter they offer a sturdy, communal seating option for both employees and customers. While lutyens benches offer a classic, traditional look and feel, opting for a backless bench can give a sleek, modern feel to the commercial environment. Alternatively, if you have the space and a large tree, tree benches can frame it beautifully, making it a focal point for all to enjoy. 


Lounge Chairs

Although the warm and sunny weather doesn’t always make much of an appearance here in the UK, adding an element of relaxation and fun to your commercial outdoor area won't go amiss with people wanting to enjoy their time outdoors by relaxing with some food and a drink. Perhaps you are a pub or restaurant with a large space looking to add something different? Well lounge chairs could be great for you. Although traditional deck chairs are sometimes seen in these settings, they can quickly wear away and deteriorate, making them not so inviting as they once were. Teak loungers, however, are guaranteed to put a smile on peoples faces for many years (when the sun decides to come out). 

We always ensure that our teak is sourced from ecologically managed and sustainable plantations, and each supplier holds a SVLK certificate. So if sustainability is a core value of your business, look no further than sourcing some quality, sustainable pieces from us. If you have any questions on this, feel free to get in touch. We also have a post all about sustainable gardening if you'd like more ideas on promoting a sustainable outdoor space. 

We hope that we’ve been able to give you a few options for updating your commercial spaces with some quality teak furniture pieces that will last your business for many years and require minimal maintenance and attention from you, but will be sure to gather a lot of attention from the people who have the pleasure of using it. 

If you would like to find out more about our commercial services, please take a look at our commercial page, and if you have any questions on anything, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.