Update your garden for Spring

by The Chic Teak Team / 25.03.21
Update your garden for spring

It’s official, Spring has sprung! What better way to make the most of these fresh, sunny months than to spruce up your outdoor space and transform your garden ready for afternoon relaxing, alfresco dining, or evening entertaining (when covid restrictions and weather allow)! 

Spring clean

Let’s start with the basics and give your existing outdoor areas a bit of TLC. Give your furniture a brush down or a little scrub to remove any dirt build up from the autumn and winter months. 

If you have teak furniture that’s due a bit of care, why not take a look at our Teak Care Guide for more in-depth advice.

It’s also a good idea to give any decking or patio areas a sweep and even a pressure wash if they’re looking noticeably greyer than usual. This is guaranteed to give your space an instant boost. 


Nothing says spring is here quite like the appearance of colour in the garden. 

Whether you choose hanging baskets to create a pop of colour and a focal point on walls, fences or sheds, or create rows of beautiful arrangements in garden borders or raised beds, planting flowers is a surefire way to boost your garden's appearance, and by the time summer rolls around they’ll be out in full bloom for you to admire.

Before all that though, why not start off by carrying out a bit of weeding to tidy up the beds, a laborious chore but it’s got to be done! 

Back to nature

Many garden owners these days love to encourage wildlife into their gardens to give them something to watch over in the brighter months, while also giving something back to nature! 

If that’s you, or something you’ve been considering, why not select an area of your garden to sow some wild flower seeds to encourage more bees, insects and birds. Letting an area go wild in this way also requires little maintenance so means less weeding and pruning for you!

The arrival of spring will also mean more birds visiting your garden looking for food. This can be a great time to dig out and fill up your bird feeders, hang out a couple of fat balls and begin to watch the different varieties flying in. 

You could also think about installing a water feature that not only acts as a beautiful focal point in your garden, but also water for birds to drink and bathe in. 


Seating areas are a key element to enjoying any garden, and sometimes we put up with rickety old furniture for a bit longer than perhaps we should. 

If you’re long over due an upgrade in time for enjoying your garden to the fullest this summer, why not browse our selection of grade A teak pieces? 

Whether you need a small dining table set, a sun lounger for relaxing, or a bench in the shade to observe the coming and going of nature, we have lots of pieces to choose from.

We hope we've been able to give you a few ideas and a bit of inspiration to go out and get started in your garden to get it ready to enjoy during the (hopefully!) sunny months ahead.