Why Choose Teak for Your Garden Furniture?

by The Chic Teak Team / 16.05.24
Why Choose Teak for Your Garden Furniture?

If you’re currently in the market for some new garden or outdoor furniture, then you’ve probably come across many different types with a wide range of price tags during your research. At the lower end of the market you can often find ranges of pine, and at the opposite end of the spectrum you can find beautifully crafted pieces made from teak. But why is teak so expensive? And is it worth the investment? Well we certainly think so, so let’s explain.. 

Here at Chic Teak we live and breathe teak, we’re practically obsessed with it, and for good reason! Teak is an amazing wood that has brilliant natural properties, retaining much of it’s natural oil, which other woods lack, making it the ideal material to build outdoor furniture from. 

Where does Teak come from?

Teak is native to the Southeast Asian regions and can grow as tall as 150ft and live for 100 years, however the best teak tends to be harvested at 80 years. Many plantations operate in the region, however only the best teak is certified and this is what we use for our furniture.  


The main quality of teak wood is that it’s incredibly strong and durable, and can tolerate any weather conditions, which is why we think it’s great for furniture here in the UK! Come sun, wind or torrential rain, teak can withstand it and remain standing strong. It is also for this reason that teak is a popular material choice for boats, as it doesn’t absorb water and become weakened by it.

Temperature moderation

Another great quality of teak is that it holds the ability to moderate temperature. So in the summer months you won’t need to worry about sitting down on your chair or bench and burning the backs of your legs, as if it’s made from teak it won’t have absorbed the heat in the same way other materials do. 

Termite resistance

Teak wood is extremely strong and dense, and as we previously mentioned, retains much of its natural oils, which makes it difficult for insects and termites to enter the wood and destroy it. Many other woods become susceptible to wood-loving insects and deteriorate over time without proper care, however teak naturally deters them. 

It may be more expensive than other wood furniture, but it’s definitely worth the price tag if you want to be able to sit back and enjoy it for many years to come. All of our furniture comes with a 10 year guarantee, however with the right care it will be sure to last for many more years, perhaps even a lifetime! Take a look at our wide range of furniture, from coffee tables to dining tables, sun loungers to benches all made from the finest grade A teak.