Why Teak is Perfect for Your Bathroom

by The Chic Teak Team / 31.07.23
Why Teak is Perfect for Your Bathroom

Did you know that teak isn’t just for the outside, it’s also a popular choice for bathroom furniture because it is one of the few wood types resistant to moisture and water exposure, having a rich content of natural oil. 

Our teak bathroom stool with shelf is the newest addition to our range here ideal for holding a drink and a book while you take a relaxing soak.

It also doubles up as a great shower stool and together with our teak chairs is perfect for those who wish to take a shower with added comfort.

If you prefer a more supported chair in the shower, we also recommend our teak garden chairs which work perfectly in a bathroom scheme. Our Windsor Teak Garden Carver Chair is a beautiful modern design with a stylish form perfect for a contemporary bathroom.


If you have any questions or would like further information on how any of our products would fair in your bathroom please give us a call on 01256 398008 and one of the team will be happy to help.