50kg Polycrete Base
50kg Polycrete Base
50kg Polycrete Base

50kg Polycrete Square with Wheels


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This base is recommended for use with our largest parasols

It is a  50kg Polycrete base with telescopic handle for ease of use.

This base comes with a tough plastic reducer, meaning it is suitable for a 40mm, 50mm and 60mm diameter pole.

A square parasol base with soft, rounded edges. It sits flat to the floor and has a very low aspect.

Featuring rubber feet which offer protection to both the base and the surface it sits on.

Polycrete is a polymer aggregate that is formed using a mixture of very high quality base materials like silica and quartz.


Total Height (including tube & castors): 390mm

Base Width:550mm

Base Length:550mm

Total Weight: 50kg

Height (without tube): 90mm

Tube Height: 295mm