SALE - Bronze Statues (various)

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Our unusual and unique bronze statues are intricately designed with incredible detail, and can come in a range of sizes. From our small, medium and large bronze elephants, to the quirky ‘Lady Playing Violin’ alongside plenty more, there is a statue to suit any taste amongst our range.

Nothing quite says home than a unique and stylish piece or two on your teak coffee table or mantelpiece. Our range of indoor bronze statues are the perfect solution for a little something special in your home and will give you that statement piece that will inspire conversation amongst even the hardest-to-please guests. Whether you’re looking for something simple but elegant like our Reflection statue, or you’re a big animal fan and would prefer the incredible detail of our Elephant, Deer, Birds or Cat statues, our indoor bronze statues can provide your home with a little extra unusual charm that you can cherish for years to come.

Prices range from £45 - £180.00  subject to availability.  Please call 01256 398008 to discuss.